Bridging Resources In Communities, Inc. (BRIC)

Ward 8 drug free coalition

The goal of the Ward 8 Drug-Free Coalition is to develop and implement comprehensive community-based activities designed to provide youth with positive alternative life choices.

Summary of Organization
The District of Columbia Ward 8 Drug-Free Coalition is dedicated to ultimately serving all neighborhoods in Ward 8.  Our initial targeted community is the Hillsdale neighborhood and its immediate surrounding neighborhoods of Barry Farm and Park Chester.  The community population is predominantly African American.

Primary Objectives
  • Reduce alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use among youth, and over time adults, by addressing at-risk and protective factors, 
  • Develop a resource guide of youth substance abuse prevention programs,
  • Update a community needs and asset assessment, 
  • Conduct community forums to review and share information on youth substance use and abuse prevention, 
  • Place substance use and abuse prevention messages in liquor stores, shopping centers, barber and beauty shops, convenience stores, and other places most frequented by youth,  and
  • Strengthen and sustain the community’s drug paraphernalia removal campaign from liquor stores, convenience stores, gas stations and ice cream trucks along with greater enforcement of  the alcohol and tobacco laws.

History of Coalition
The Ward 8 Drug-Free Coalition (formerly the Congress Heights Community Coalition) was formed in late 2005 to bring together key community stakeholders and governmental agencies to collaborate on the prevention of youth substance use.  We received our first federal funding grant, the ONDCP/SAMHSA Drug-Free Communities Grant, effective Oct. 1, 2007.

Community Involvement and Volunteer Participation
The work of the Coalition is done through four standing committees:   Evaluation and Community Assessment; Membership and Community Outreach; Public Relations and Marketing; and Youth Events.   The active membership will be evenly divided to provide their talents across all four standing committees.  As part of our commitment to youth development and youth engagement, each committee will be actively co-chaired by a youth member.

Founding Members
Far SE Family Strengthening Collaborative (FSFSC) (lead community partner), Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, Urban Family’s House of Hope, DC Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration’s (APRA) Office of Prevention, DC Metropolitan Police Department (7th District), Aban Institute, The Washington Informer, East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership (ERCPCP), CNMC – Children’s Health Center, Kramer Middle School, Anacostia High School, OIC -- Out-of-School Youth Program, UPO – Petey Greene Center, Community Empowerment Training Academy, Sasha Bruce Youthwork, Anacostia Coordinating Council, Children Having Opportunities in Changing Environments (CHOICE), Inc. Academy, Bridging Resources in Communities, (BRIC) Inc., Access to Racial & Cultural Health (ARCH) Institute along with middle school youth, high school youth, parents, school administrators and local business owners.

"It Ain't Easy"

The Hottest Track By The Youth of the Coalition!!

NOTE: Bridging Resources in Communities, Inc. served as the Coalition's fiscal agent from 2006 - 2012. Since October 2012, the Far SE Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc. has served as the Coalition's fiscal agent. For current information on the Ward 8 Drug-Free Coalition and its activities please go to and click on "Community Engagement".